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Where can I buy RASC?
Where to buy RASC

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RASC Stock Car Racing Board Game

RASC Realism Package Version 4 is Available!
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The Real Action Stockcar Championship (RASC) stock car racing board game.

RASC Stock Car Racing Board GameRASC is a fast paced, exciting simulation of stock car racing. Our dynamic RASC board game comes with 2 different race tracks demanding different racing strategies. Up to 20 drivers experience the thrills of being in the driver's seat of a stock car with the excitement of true racing. Use pit stop and race strategies to outmaneuver your opponents and win the race. Perform well in each race of the season to compete for the RA Cup for winning the RASC championship!

RASC was developed with the race fan in mind, and it simulates true stock car racing. It is realistic enough for die-hard race fans, easy enough for children, and strategic enough for the game player. RASC is for 1 to 20 drivers and recommended for ages 10 and up.

RASC comes with 20 detailed plastic stockcars in 10 different colors, and enough dice and race forms for an entire season. Also, a decal sheet allows you to customize your cars. Model paints can be used to customize your cars even further! Follow the structured RASC season as outlined in the included Driver's Handbook or simulate your favorite series. RASC is also compatible with any 1/144th scale or smaller diecast car, which offer great detail and life to the RASC board game.


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